ARCESA provides the market with its rice in different formats and varieties, to satisfy the needs of our clients, offering several packaging options, from half a kilo to five-kilo bags, in a wide range of materials. ARCESA also commercializes in larger formats and even in bulk.

For the manufacturing and packaging processes, ARCESA counts with automatized innovative technologies and infrastructure, conceived to accomplish high levels of productivity while upholding our high standards. That is the reason why ARCESA is capable of producing a high quality rice, meant to satisfy the requirements of the most sophisticated recipes and more demanding consumers.

Thanks to its incorporation to the EURICOM group, ARCESA is currently able to offer our clients a wider variety of choices, including pre-cooked and ready to serve products. This features allow our buyers to enjoy all the richness and nourishing properties of rice in many different ways. We produce a variety of less traditional, more creative flavours which need less preparation time.

Our customers can enjoy our line of risotto, rice-cakes, and crackers, snacks and microwaveable products, including our world-renowned brand, CURTIRISO.

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