Euricom Group presence around the world

ARROCES Y CEREALES, S.A.U., is part of the international Italian Group EURICOM, S.p.A., with headquarters in Valle Lomellina, Northern Italy. The Group's main focus is the production and commercialization of rice, pasta, and a variety of flours. Our Group has settled internationally throughout Europe, establishing production plants in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Holand, and Poland. Furthermore, EURICOM S.p.A. has trade offices in Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, United Kingdom and India. This network grants EURICOM S.p.A. with a favoured position within the European and international markets.

ARROCES Y CEREALES, S.A.U., is part of the Consejo regulador de la Denominación de Origen Arroz de Valencia, contributing to the protection of the regional varieties of rice. ARCESA commercializes D.O. rice under the brand SIGNO, assuring the excellent quality of this rice.

Our production plant is located in the town of Oliva (Valencia), with over than 17,000 m² of extension, state-of-art machinery, and the capacity to produce and package efficiently. ARCESA also makes use of a raw material reception and drying plant, located in Sueca, in the very heart of "La Albufera" Natural Park.

With a clear policy of expansion, ARCESA has been a pioneer of quality from its very beginnings, carefully selecting and processing its products which has let ARCESA with the privilege of being the first enterprise in the rice industry to get a certificate of quality under ISO 9001 act, in 1996. Nowadays ARCESA is awarded the IFS and BRC certificates, credited by AENOR.

As a result of our vast experience and a constant wish fort development and improvement, at ARCESA we feel perfectly capable of adapting our products to the constant evolution of the rice market. We offer the best quality and service at the best price.

Our reference brands, SIGNO and LA PERDIZ, are well recognized labels among consumers in the Spanish market, both in the areas of distribution and in the service sector, at restaurants and hotels. Our brand LA PERDIZ was the first rice trademark to be registered, in 1936.

Due to our great capacity for production, we focus on the establishment of distribution brands. These are meant for national and international commercialization, and we are proud to serve very important clients in both sectors.

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