Packaged as 5 kg units

The Ambra rice belongs to the ‘Japonica’ variety which is characterized by its ability to absorb flavors and aromas.

Being vaporized, it remains unchanged once cooked, retaining their flavor and presence, while remaining in temperature for many hours (catering), or by re-heat when it got colder (prepared meals).

Another of its properties is its shorter cooking time compared to indica parboiled long grain, so you can cook with the same parameters as a round rice.

It is especially suitable for seasoned dishes such as paella, arroz a banda, black rice, etc., and any rice dish.

By its nature it is very profitable for the Hotel and Catering industry, as it does not pass and requires less cooking time, having a great quality/price ratio.

This product leads to long rice parboiled "Indica" for its ability to absorb aromas and flavors, making it particularly suitable to frame any rice dish full of flavor, and to be consumed at any time.

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